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Industrial Origami Inc.

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Industrial Origami is a privately-owned company originating in San Francisco, California. Headquarters were relocated to Cleveland, Ohio for enhanced customer contact. The company's 140 patents and pending applications are the foundation of its comprehensive sheet material design and manufacturing technology portfolio. Industrial Origami Technology allows thinner sheet material to be folded into complex, innovative, high load-bearing structures with simple, low cost fixtures, at the point of assembly. Through a professional services group and a network of eco-system partners, the company enables its customers to design innovative products in a shorter design-to-production cycle with exceptional manufacturing precision and consistency, which results in significantly reduced product cost and capital investment. Industrial Origami provides licenses and sub-licenses its technology as well as offering direct supply manufacturing depending on customer preference. IOI has provided value for leading innovative manufacturers including Bentley Motors Ltd. (VW Group), Eaton Corporation and Bombardier. IOI also supplies solutions in solar racking, packaging, electrical enclosures, HVAC, locomotive, and appliances.

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